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Create folders in Catalog

I would like to work with images (for example: cats; dogs...) but I would like to organize these files in my catalog, and store them in different folder "Cats" "Dogs".

I know I can tag them but when you forget to tag, or tags or not uniform it becomes really difficult to find all your data.

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  • Apr 4 2019
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Why is it useful?
Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a developer I would like to access my images easily in order to develop models.
How should it work?

1) Click on a button "create a folder" in the catalog

2) I would earn time to find my data, and quality (I am sure to find all my data, I avoid bad tagging)

3) I can create separate catalog but then I have a lot of catalogs.

Idea Priority High
Priority Justification My client has a lot of images and will get Watson Studio in the following days.
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