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Include Watson Developer Cloud Python SDK In All New Notebooks

The Watson Developer Cloud SDK is not installed by default when you create a new notebook. 

In order to use the python library you must install it first. Since this is "Watson Studio", this should be unnecessary. 

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  • Mar 22 2019
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  • Roland Weber commented
    April 25, 2019 12:17

    Python packages ibm-watson and the underlying ibm-cloud-sdk-core are rather new packages and have a very high update frequency. If we had them pre-installed in our Docker images, they would be out of date almost all the time. And when there are breaking changes, such as the switch to ibm-watson 3.0.0, we'd have to decide whether to break notebooks or whether to remain on the old version.

    At the moment, frequent users will have a better experience by defining a custom environment with those packages. Then it is their choice whether to pick up the latest version whenever their notebook runtime starts, or whether they want to stay on a specific version known to work with their code.