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Bluemix Website/Console usability is abysmal

Creating something as simple as a two class visual recognition service with a custom model is a gigantic pain in the ass.

You create a visual recognition service, open the starttool to create a custom model but you can't. It directs you to the project creation form, but you can't create a project either, because the warning text indicates you have to first create a Watson Studio instance. You do that and refresh the project creation form as per instruction but it keeps showing the same warning. Turns out you can ignore the warning and just create a project anyway. But what for? Once you're in the project menu, you can't really create a custom model. What you actually have to do is go to your Dashboard, click on Watson Studio and add your visual recognition service there. If you have a LIte plan, fuck you, go back and delete your previous service that you create at the beginning of all of this. Go to Watson Studio, click "Get Started" and scroll down to "New Service" , select visual recognition and your plan. Once you click "Create" you'll see another warning text about organizations and spaces. Apparently you can ignore it. You create the service and it jumps to your watson services list. But there you're faced with :

"You don't have any services right now. Click the button below to get started"

After calming down, you press "Add Service" and again select Visual Recognition and try to create the service but you can't. You already have a service. 


After losing my last nerve I told my colleague to try his luck with this while I add some more images to the training data. He tried for a few hours and then handed in his resignation.


My proposed solution: Find whoever programmed this convoluted garbage website, drag them out of their bed at night and shoot them in front of their family. That way they can't hurt any more people. 


After that, trash all of this and start from scratch.

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  • Dec 14 2018
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