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Draw a threshold line on the graph of dashboard

-Use a real-life scenario to explain the problem statement/pain points

The current dashboard graph (eg Column, line, etc) can display the number of target variables (eg Stisfaction). There is a demand to overlap with limit values ​​and threshold values ​​from a business point of view.

-state your current workaround(s),


-state any proposed solution(s),

Can we draw a threshold line on the current Column, Stacked Column or line graph?

-state the benefits/value this idea has,

At the level of real Production operation, this Dashboard is easier to adopt.

-state # of users impacted and how often are they impacted

All users trying to manage AI's runtime using Watson Studio / AIOS.

  • Jun Ishii
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Needs review
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