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Provide the Catalog Owner the ability to approve all assets to be published by federated administrators.

To facilitate sharing of content across enterprise organizations multiple teams will need the ability to publish assets. To ensure these assets meet the guidelines of the Catalog Owner and the organizations data policy there need to be oversight / approval for all assets proposed to be published in the Catalog. This ensures that the organization has legal right to share the asset, it's classified correctly, the license file is attached to the asset, and the access control policy is correct. It also facilitates consistency on meta data such as naming conventions, tagging conventions and descriptions. One potential approach could be a type of checkbox for the Catalog owner to select. If Selected all assets that are published by the other Catalog editors / administrators go into a staging location until approved by the Owner or their delegate. 

  • Gary Diamanti
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Needs review
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a Catalog Owner I need the ability to approve all the assets that are published in my Catalog
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