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Provide better error handling and error messages - cryptic error messages, error messages displaying third party service json and nginx http 4xx and 5xx error messages are not acceptable

There appears to be insufficient error handling for errors, especially those errors that are thrown by third party services that the Watson Data and AI platform relies on such as IBM Cloud IAM service.

If an error is encountered within Watson Studio or Catalog (either internally or due to third party service issue) it is common to aee an ngnix http 4xx or 5xx error.  This is not acceptable.  Ideally errors should be handled and if that is not possible, a user friendly error message presented to the user.

An error message should either give useful information back to the user to support them in debugging the issue or provide users with support contact details.

  • Chris Snow
  • May 27 2018
  • Needs review
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  • Philippe GREGOIRE commented
    June 4, 2018 15:59

    Also take into consideration the SSO 401 errors that are hidden in  the console logs