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Provide better documentation on model (re)deployment lifecycle

There are some gaps in the WML documentation, for example:

REST/Streaming API

  • If the above answer is no, how can we achieve this using other IBM Cloud services such as API Connect?
  • How can a model be redeployed without downtime?  
  • How can a model be deployed in a manner to support A-B testing?
  • Can I monitor latency?
  • Can I set performance alerts on latency?
  • What are the service response time guarantees?
  • What are the service availability guarantees?


  • Can a model be retrained and redeployed and keep the same REST URL and Credentials?

Streaming API

  • What are the delivery guarantees? Can some events not be scored, e.g. on error?
  • What happens to events that result in an error?
  • Can I monitor back-pressure?
  • Can I set performance alerts on back-pressure?
  • Chris Snow
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Needs review
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