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Automated Metadata Generation in WKC using Machine Learning

Providing the ability to provide an automated way to suggest Glossary terms (business terms) to data producers to link business metadata to columns is necessary.  For our Chief Data Governance organization, our mission is to link IBM business language to all columns ingested into our data lake.  As part of this mission we have built a tool/set of services that focus on assisting a Subject Matter Expert in linking metadata in an automated manner using Deep Learning algorithms as well as using NLC.   This product provides a set of recommended glossary terms that could be linked to a column or provides the ability to type on and search existing glossary terms as well as create new terms.  The power with this product is that it facilitates the process of linking metadata which can take on average of about a month and a half to complete, which has been reduced down to about a week for an SME.

  • Sonia Mezzetta
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Accepted
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