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Linking of Assets to Glossary business terms

The Chief Data Office Cognitive Enterprise Data Platform (CEDP) aims to provide business definitions to all data content that resides within the data lake.  Common IBM business vocabulary or "Business Terms" are linked to columns in CEDP.  This is a major effort executed as part of the Data Governance program.  WKC does not have the ability to directly link glossary terms to columns (only through classifications or tags).  This is something we currently manage in IGC.

  • Sonia Mezzetta
  • Dec 14 2018
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As the Data Governance Product Owner within the Chief Data Office, I would like to migrate from IGC to WKC and manage all my business and technical metadata within our Cognitive Enterprise Data Platform and execute our CDO DG services using WKC so that I can provide the necessary functionalities for our data producers and data consumers.
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