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Add image file and .zip file shortcuts in the data panel with Notebooks (Visual Recognition)

  • Problem: Using the Visual Recognition API in a Notebook with your own image files or .zip files requires you to upload those files to Cloud Object Storage, and then copy those files from Cloud Object Storage to your Notebook working directory.  Using the Watson Studio GUI for the first part is easy enough, but the code you have to write to do the second part is non-trivial.  See the attached .py file.  It's not much code... but tedious to have to do it.  (Unless I just don't know about some Notebook command??)
  • Request: I wish there was a way to click on image and .zip files in that right-hand data panel and have a menu option that would do that copy-to-my-Notebook-working-dir action for me (like how you can insert credentials code into your Notebook already.)
  • Benefits: Notebooks are a great way to collaboratively experiment and test custom models as well as prototype app code - half way between the model builder GUI and building an app.  But that COS part is a real barrier.
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  • Dec 14 2018
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a developer, I want to rapidly prototype Visual Recognition app code in a Notebook so I can demonstrate the effectiveness of a custom model before going through the work of deploying an app.
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