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Dashboard Data Import- Cloudant Support

A s part of a POC, we have built a translation tool for a financial industry client. The tools uses the latest Watson translation engines, and the primary model is Japanese to English translation. In order to improve the translation quality, we added in a feature for the customer to submit wrongly translated terms pairs, which are stored in a Cloudant database. This data will be used to modify and build a customized Japanese model for the client. In order to visualize and analyze the high frequency mistranslated pairs, we are attempting to build a dashboard that visualizes all the user feedback data from Cloudant. Right now, importing the data from Cloudant to build this dashboard is a limitation and not supported. We plan to present a full solution design to the client, but will have adjust scope due to DB2 and postgress being the only DBs supported at the time.

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  • Dec 14 2018
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