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Data Science Experience - Password is visible for any admin/editor for an existing asset data extternal connection.

Ok, so I work with a team of 20 some people.  We all have access to our Software Optimization workspace in DSX.  We are all also set as Admins for the most part.  Now, the issue I have is that anyone on the team right now (Admins) can choose an existing external connection for data assets, insert the code to the Notebook ans the password is also provided with the code.  This is not good and not secure at all.  The password should stay hidden and be referenced via a secure channel in the back end of the system and no user should be able to reveal what the password is.  The current master password can be changed without knowing the old password though for an Admins.

  • Nghia Nguyen
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Needs review
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