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Add support for importing, managing, and providing lineage reporting for Cognos and other BI tools

There are 2 pieces here IMO

LOB viz/dashboards based on catalog

Harvest of CA metadata into catalog for audit/compliance. 


#1 is CA looking into catalog

#2 is using Catalog like IGC to manage compliance/lineage. Catalog pulling from Cognos.


Alex is answering #1 and that is what they are building with WACA


#2 is a compliance question. In the IGC onPrem world metadata harvest and lineage tracking from BI tools is one of the most popular use cases since BCBS239 and the other compliance use cases they sell into go something like this. 


Regulator: "Mr CIO you used BI reporting to make a business decision. Show me where the data you used for that decision came from". 

CIO: "Here's my lineage report"


How they build this BI report and track lineage for it. 

Step 1 - Customer uses Data Stage to ETL data into a data mart/warehouse

Step 2 - Customer builds BI reports using their favorite DW and tool of choice (Tableau, Cognos, Qlik)


Data Stage and IGC share the same catalog and operate in a closed loop proprietary system so every transformation that Data Stage does is immediately known to IGC, however once it's loaded into Cognos it has left the Info Server system yet still needs to be tracked. Cognos further processes and manipulates the data via cube/dimensional analysis. To provide full end to end linage IGC has connectors to these BI tools to pull that metadata and lineage into IGC which when coupled with Data Stage ETL provides the full end to end lineage view. 


I believe that second part...pulling from Cognos into what Alex is askign about. 


IGC/Cognos integration for the compliance use case i described here

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  • Jan 2 2018
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