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Provide Reporting for users, content and compliancy

Provide reporting capability so a Content Administrator view, track and manage access, content usage, and compliancy. 


User Detail Report:

Report of all the users for each group Admin, Editor & Viewer with the data they were added.

- Username, Group, adddate

Content Summary Report:

Report of all assets by add date, Username, group

- Asset Name, Add date, owner, group

- Data added by date range


Content Usage Report:

 - Summary of search criteria by our users

 - Top 10 data sets viewed/used

 -  Content added or used by Username, date

Content Detail Report:

Report by Asset Name and it's lineage. (What data sets it was use in)

- Asset Name, add date, Data Sets containing any of this content

Report by Asset Name for who accessed the data.

- Asset Name, Group, Username, data accessed

Report by Asset Name for who viewed the data.

- Asset Name, Group, Username, data viewed


These are some ideas for the type of reports that are required by a Content Administrator to administer an Enterprise Catalog. Would like to participate in the design sessions when this is being reviewed. 

  • Gary Diamanti
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Under Consideration
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