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Provide the ability to create a Catalog using a single Cloud Object Storage bucket

Provide the ability to create a Catalog against a single Cloud Object Storage bucket. This provides several benefits:

 - The ability to use a Cloud Object Storage bucket as an "Incoming Destination" to quarantine all new content 

 - It enables a small set of "Data Engineers" or "Content Administrators" to have one location and flow for all raw or incoming data sets to follow. From this "Incoming bucket or destination content is screened, cleansed, moved and published in the larger area wide catalog.

 - It facilitates Content providers (both internal and external to a team or business) with a place and process to push all raw content to so it can be screened before allowed in a more area wide catalog. 

 - It makes very efficient use of content repositories and their logical isolation mechanisms (bucket level isolation in COS).  

 - This provides an excellent start for creating an event driven data cleaning / data cataloging workflow. 



  • Gary Diamanti
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Under Consideration
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