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Enable the feature of killing job on Spark UI so that admins of a project can kill their Spark jobs

I scheduled an jupyter Spark job in DSX, and something went wrong so I decided to stop the job. I deleted the schedule in DSX but noticed form Spark UI that the real job did not stop. It kept running and taking all the spark resources. I couldn't do anything but wait for the job to finish.

Originally, Spark UI has the feature allowing user to kill jobs but I have noticed that this feature has been disabled in the Spark UI in Bluemix. I think we should enable the feature for admins of DSX projects so that admins can kill their spark jobs in Spark UI if they want. In terms of implementation, a DSX project can have different types of users including editors, viewers and admins, which I think can be leveraged to do access control or permission control for the job killing feature in Spark UI.

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  • Dec 14 2018
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