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Adding collaborators documentation is incorrect.

If an invited user does not have a DSX account, the user receives an email invitation to create a DSX account. When the user creates a DSX account, the user can see your project and the user's status on your collaborators list changes from Invited to Active.

Incorrect -- DSX will not let you invite a user if there is no matching DSX account

  • Joel Patterson
  • Sep 25 2017
  • Shipped
Role Summary
  • Oct 9, 2017

    Admin Response

    Hi there! Thanks for reporting this - we've pushed a fix in production where an invitation to DSX is sent to invited collaborators who don't have a DSX account already. Once the invitee presses on that invitation, they are brought to the project that the original inviter added them as a collaborator for. 

    Before users would receive an error message if they tried to invite someone who didn't have a DSX account.

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