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Unified security

As we talk about some of the painpoints around silo'ed data and analytics in an organization, we mention how the collaborative features of WDP and DSx allow organizations to be more collaborative. But how do we help them build trust. Audit logs are the key in terms of giving them insight how assets are shared across different LOB, what permissions were exposed, freq of access and so forth. A sound, integrated and self-svc enabled access monitoring, audit framework will help build that trust. Combine that with usual features of unified governance, this is a very desirable feature. And allows us to bring quality, lineage, graph views, IAM, data classification in a more integrated fashion

  • Dec 14 2018
  • Needs review
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a data modeller and research scientist, i often collaborate and share work with my fello scientists within and outside my organization. But I want visibility into who is usihg my assets and what have I exposed to the community
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